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Goodbye 2014 what a year for cycling

Posted on December 30 in General

That’s another year of cycling nearly over, and what a year it was!  We had very good weather here in North Wales, with many warm, dry and sunny days to enjoy. There haven’t been many days this year when we have had to get our rain jackets on during a ride. We have had some stunning rides up and down the coast, and into the mountains, all of them memorable in their own way. 


This year we have been busy cycling lots of new routes from our house to select the best ones to do next year. There are so many varied and interesting places to cycle in and around Snowdonia, all of them on extremely well surfaced roads with minimal traffic. We feel it’s very important to make sure that there are plenty of cafés etc along the routes so that refreshments can be taken on board at regular intervals. We also try to select routes that are different in terms of terrain, so that we can offer our customers exactly the right kind of ride that they want.


Of course this year will be remembered by most cyclists for the visit of the Tour De France which came to the UK in early July. We headed for the Yorkshire Dales to watch stage 1. The weekend was an unforgettable experience, with many thousands of people lining the route.  Let’s hope it isn’t too long before it returns.


So here comes 2015, lets hope the weather and the cycling are just as good.



Goodbye 2014 what a year for cycling

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