Frequently Asked Questions

Q; Where do I park my car whilst I am there?
A; We have ample off road parking for your car.

Q; How far is the accommodation from Bryn Teg?
A; The distance is approximately 1 mile.

Q; How do I get to my accommodation from Bryn Teg?
A; We will transfer you to and from your accommodation throughout the whole weekend.

Q; Do you cater for all dietary conditions i.e. vegetarian, glutenfree etc?
A; Yes, we can accommodate alternative requirements, as long as these are stated at the time of booking.

Q; How do you grade your rides?
A; The beginner rides are approximately 20 - 25 miles each day.
The intermediate rides are approximately 40 - 50 miles each day.
The Advanced rides are approximately 50 - 65 miles each day.

Note; all of our rides have a variety of different gradients, some a bit steeper than others! This is Snowdonia!

Q; Do you hire out bikes?
A; No we want you to bring your own bike. We believe that you will be happier riding your own bicycle.

Q; Where do I store my bike for the weekend I am there?
A; We provide secure bike storage facilities.

Q; Do you provide clothing and equipment for the rides?
A:  No, we feel that you will prefer cycling in your own gear, carrying your own spare inner tubes, pumps e.t.c.